Godfall’s Exalted Update is free for all players in April


This new update is the biggest update Godfall will receive since its launch.

The Exalted Update, which includes a variety of new content, quality of life changes, winnable cosmetics, and all of the primary features demanded by fans since the launch of Godfall, will be released next month on all platforms. That’s according to Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games.

This new update, believe it or not, is essentially seven updates in one. Different aspects of the game will be changed so that individuals who played Godfall at launch and haven’t played it since will appear to be completely different after this update.

A lot of new changes

Valorplate Shards will be altered in this update, with each of the 12 Valorplates now having four attainable Shards that allow new opportunities to customize and improve your play style. A change will also be made to the ascended and exalted Valorplates. To unlock the ascending form of a Valorplate, which offers a second passive ability, players must collect all four shards.

The tale will also change as a result of the upgrade. Ravenna and Soras will now accompany Orin on select story objectives, fighting alongside him and delivering additional dialogue in the Sanctuary in between tasks. In addition, Orin’s evil brother Macros now has a larger role in the campaign, mocking Orin during story missions and heightening the tension as they approach their dramatic final clash.

Another feature of the game that will alter is combat, where all weapons now have devastating Timing Attacks that may be used immediately after a weapon technique is used. Players can also gain a recovery ability that allows them to rapidly return to combat after being knocked down, as well as a revive system that allows players to resuscitate each other in co-op mode.

Changes in fighting lead to changes in realm bosses. To make realm bosses’ operations easier, the seal mechanic has been removed. As soon as the tale allows, players can take on Realm Bosses. Each Realm Boss, on the other hand, now has three captains dispersed throughout their realm. The captains must be defeated in order to remove powerful bans that would make fighting the realm boss much more difficult.

Players’ requests have been heard

In addition, the Exalted Tower of Trials will be altered, and a new spirit realms mode will be added to the game, but the most striking aspect of this update is that the development team has heeded players’ requests.

Godfall has a lot of amazing treasure to gain with the Exalted update, and the Exalted update offers a number of additional ways to sort and manage your growing inventory. The new loadout system in Godfall allows players to save up to three custom setups per Valorplate, each with its own skill grid.

The Exalted update will arrive in Godfall on April 7. Godfall is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Make sure to read our review.

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