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GRID Paves Way for Racing on PS3, PC and 360

Start your engines! Codemasters today announced that GRID has shipped to US retail stores. GRID is now available for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and Games For Windows. It retails for $60 on home console and $40 on Windows PC. A Nintendo DS version is planned for the third quarter of 2008.

GRID is an all-new race experience, taking players on a world tour of intricately designed racetracks and courses through Europe, the US and Japan. In addition to the exciting, ready-to-race gameplay that gamers have come to expect from Codemasters’ racing titles, GRID incorporates only the most powerful racecars ever created – new and classic, circuit and drift. GRID features the most detailed and destructible range of courses ever included in a Codemasters title, challenging gamers with a wide variety of racing styles – from official circuit challenges and drifting events to road races and urban street competitions around the globe.

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“Codemasters has a rich history of producing AAA racing games,” said Dave Miller, Vice President of Marketing. “GRID is turning out to be one of the highest-scoring racing games the industry has seen in years*. By putting the ‘racing’ back into the racing genre, we’ve reignited what makes people love these games.”