Hardball Rules tests your baseball knowledge

Hardball Rules

Hardball Rules is a new trivia game that lets you test your knowledge of baseball’s rulebook. Its release coincides with the ongoing MLB post-season.

Available today for Android and iOS devices, Hardball Rules lets fans compete against each other or against AI. The mobile game has nine-inning contests that put your knowledge of the sport’s rules to the test.

“I’ve been covering baseball for over a quarter-century and a lot of that time has been spent sitting next to the official scorer at one ballpark or another. Baseball’s rulebook is about as intricate as it gets when you’re talking about the major sports, especially when it come to the OS section,” said Scott Orgera, Vice President of Schow.

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Hardball Rules was created using Unity. The game is free to play and features multiple leaderboards. According to Schow, additional questions are added to the game on a daily basis.

The game is available now on Android via Google Play and iOS devices via the App Store. You can find out more about the game at hardballrules.com.

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