Nintendo Direct Mini
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Here are the top games from today’s Nintendo Direct Mini

Nintendo Direct Mini

Fans got 27 minutes of great information on games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the next 12 months. We break down what we think were the best games on display.

After the past few weeks of packed summer conferences, one of the biggest names in the video game industry was missing: Nintendo. Nintendo fans were left waiting for more information on upcoming console titles. But the wait was worth it, and today Nintendo presented a Nintendo Direct Mini with the next titles coming to the Switch,

Don’t be disappointed by the name of the conference. Nintendo has managed to compactly fit more than 20 games coming to the console. In addition, the Japanese company has followed the approach presented at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, showing only the games that will arrive in the next 12 months.

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Important games to highlight

Although we will give the best games that were presented in the Direct Mini, there are several games that are also worth mentioning. These games are either coming out today, or are scheduled to be released later this year. Although we will have games already known on other platforms, there are others that Nintendo Switch players have been looking forward to.

These games to highlight are:

  • Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – Available now
  • No Man’s Sky – Available October 7
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem (Cloud Version) – Available October 18
  • Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions – Available July 28
  • Portal Companion Collection – Available now

In addition to these titles, there are eight games that are undoubtedly the highlights of this Nintendo Direct Mini.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

This long-awaited expansion, “Sunbreak,” has been the desire of many Monster Hunter fans (and RPG fans in general) since its announcement. Finally, the wait will be over in a few days. This new expansion will bring a lot of new content that will arrive this June 30 on Nintendo Switch.

In addition, the Capcom team has also shared the content roadmap revealed for the rest of 2022. All this new content that we will mention update will arrive for free to the game from this August. However, they have also mentioned that in 2023, players will receive more free content that will make their Sunbreak adventure more fun. The Content Roadmap for this year is:

August – Seething bazelgeuse and Lucent Nargacuga

Rare species monsters

Special species monsters

New Locale: Forlorn Arena

Fall – Rare Species & Subspecies monsters

Rare Species Monsters

Subspecies monsters

Powered-up monsters

Winter – Several Monsters

Special Species Monsters

Powered-up Monsters

Super Bomberman R 2

The classic Bomberman returns once again to consoles. In this case it will bring with it its classic gameplay, along with a host of new game modes in the new Super Bomberman R 2.

There will be a new game mode called Castle Mode, with teams of up to 15 players, looking for ways to burst the treasure chests, while the other team will do the impossible to stop them. All this and much more you can play in 2023 on your Nintendo Switch.

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Introduced in June 2021, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope returns to show more game content. This turn-based strategy game of Mario and the crazy Rabbids will arrive on October 20 on Nintendo Switch to present us with an adventure of epic proportions.

The game features gameplay similar to the first title, but with major upgrades. Now we will be able to move as much as we want before using our weapon. In addition, the characters of the team will have a greater compenetration, where we will be able to combine attacks to win the battles faster.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

More and more classics are coming to the Nintendo Switch. This time, Mega Man makes an appearance on the Nintendo console with the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. This collection will have 10 Mega Man games that were originally released on Game Boy Advance.

Maintaining its retro aesthetics, but with upgraded graphics, it will allow many players to try these great titles of the franchise. The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will be released in two volumes, which are expected to be divided into five games each. The first volume arrives in 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

Have you ever drawn something and imagined that it becomes an adventure? RPG Time: The Legend of Wright presents an idea where many of us will fulfill this dream. This adventure will come to life on August 18th in Kent’s notebook, where there will be more than 200 pages to play with.

In each of these pages we will have to draw, erase, do puzzles, and even use a calculator, to live this incredible adventure. In addition, every time you play RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, you can have a different adventure, since players will find different ways to play each time they change pages.

Minecraft Legends

The Minecraft universe will arrive once again with a new action-strategy title in 2023. Players in Minecraft Legends will experience a mix between classic Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. Since, we will find the classic mobs of the game, in addition to many that we have seen present in Minecraft Dungeons.

In Minecraft Legends we will be able to build, make friends, explore, destroy mobs, and much more. In this new content shared in the Nintendo Direct Mini, we have been able to see a little more gameplay. This new gameplay confirms what we talked about in the summary of the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase we did here at Game Freaks 365. This game presents an adventure similar to what we saw in Dragon Quest Builders but upgraded to Mojang’s style.

Persona 5 Royal / Persona 4 Golden / Persona 3 Portable

Three iconic Persona games are coming to Nintendo Switch soon. In a sort of remastering, these titles will arrive starting in 2022 presenting us with the stories we love so much from the franchise.

All three games offer English and Japanese voice acting, full-HD graphics and are sold separately. Persona 5 Royal launches on Nintendo Switch on October 21. More information about Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable is coming soon.

Sonic Frontiers

SEGA shows some more content about Sonic’s new adventure: Sonic Frontiers. Players can race through the open world of the Starfall Islands, home to a very mysterious civilization. You can take advantage of Sonic’s speedy skills and fight enemies by chaining combos together.

In addition, we can enter a completely new zone called Cyberspace. In this zone, we will take advantage of Sonic’s speed to the max through different challenges where we will obtain keys to progress in the adventure.  All this we will be able to see this Christmas on our Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo, despite not making as big of a presence as Xbox and Sony in these summer conferences, once again delivered. Hopefully more information regarding these titles will be shared in the coming months. Stay tuned to Game Freaks 365 for more.

You can see the full Nintendo Direct Mini below!