Here’s how to reveal secret achievements on Xbox

Here's how to reveal secret achievements on Xbox

Now you can reveal secret achievements on Xbox.

Ever look at a game’s list of achievements only to see that some of them are secret? For achievement hunters, it is annoying since knowing the achievements makes it easier to unlock them all. The latest Xbox update allows you to reveal secret achievements for the first time.

Here’s how you can reveal secret achievements on Xbox:

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If you don’t mind spoilers and want a hint on any of the achievements in the games you’re playing, it’s easy to find the secret achievement details on your Xbox. From within a game, open the guide and go to Game activity > Achievements. When you see a secret achievement, you can now reveal details like the title, achievement description, and Gamerscore. And after you peek, you can go back and hide it or continue to display the details.

You can reveal secret achievements anywhere you like to play and track your achievements, from Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, the Xbox app for Android and iOS, the Xbox app for Windows PC, and Game Bar on your PC.

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The new Xbox console update goes live in June 2022.

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