High on Life
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High on Life is the biggest ever third-party release on Xbox Game Pass

High on Life

Squanch Games’ shooter has managed to surprise even gamers outside its target audience.

Xbox Game Pass, without a doubt, is a marvel of a subscription service. Many games more than a few years old have been given a second life thanks to the Xbox service. But even more impressive, many launch games have been a total success thanks to Xbox Game Pass. An example of this is the new shooter from Squanch Games.

The first “big” game from the development studio of the creators of Rick & Morty has achieved an incredible milestone. It is the biggest release of a third-party game on Xbox Game Pass. But not only that, High on Life is undoubtedly the most outstanding release that the service has had during 2022.

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A game with all the elements to be a success

Possibly when you read Squanch Games, you might think it’s a completely new studio. Although this is not true, High on Life has been this studio’s main and biggest bet. This studio was born by the creators of the well-known animated series Rick & Morty. But, beyond the popularity of the series, this studio seeks to make a name for itself in the industry. High on Life has been the best way to achieve it.

High on Life

Back in the day, when the twenty-minute gameplay was presented at this year’s Gamescom, it caught the attention of many gamers. But, after it was announced that it was coming to Xbox Game Pass, all eyes were on this game. Now, after its release on Xbox Game Pass, it has completely surpassed expectations.

High on Life has had a successful launch on Xbox Game Pass. This shooter full of action and comedy has managed to surpass great titles that are also part of the Xbox Game Pass. Because of this, it has become the biggest third-party launch in the history of the service.

Thanks to the characteristic humor of Squanch Games, and how fun the game is, it has made many active Xbox Game Pass players. As a result, High on Life is considered to be the most notable release to hit the platform in 2022. Hats off to Squanch Games. We look forward to more great games like High on Life in the future.

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