Highwater Review – An Adventure Set on a Post-Apocalyptic Earth

Today we talk about Highwater – an adventure set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Developed by Demagog Studio and published by Rogue Games, this indie adventure game was released on March 14, 2024 for the PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch. It’s a 3D adventure game with turn-based isometric combat.

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The Setting of Highwater

Highwater – A Quaint Adventure Set on a Post-Apocalyptic Earth

Highwater is set in a post-apocalyptic region after the events of the Great Climate Catastrophe that drowned the region of Hightower with massive floods. Hightower is set between two drylands: the War Zone, which has almost become a wasteland, and the well-protected city of Alphaville, where the richest people reside comfortably.

The player character is named Nikos. He has undertaken the dangerous but potentially rewarding task of secretly boarding a spacecraft that’s said to take people to Mars, where new human settlements will be established. While the Hightower region is mostly considered safe, life on earth has begun to seem hopeless with only the wealthiest people living in the safe and walled-up city of Alphaville. While this end goal is truly promising, you will discover many memorable and pleasing moments of the gameplay and storytelling throughout your adventure. The journey matters more than the destination, as they say.

Highwater – A Quaint Adventure Set on a Post-Apocalyptic Earth

Despite being a post-apocalyptic and mostly demolished region, the world of Highwater is quite beautiful, vibrant and atmospheric; sometimes quite melancholic, too. That’s why this game is labelled as a cosy and whimsical adventure. In the game, Nikos will encounter various allies with colourful personalities who will join him on his boat. You can then navigate the beautifully crafted world with pleasant company and the wonderful music that plays on Highwater Pirate Radio. This radio station not only plays original pieces of authentic, soothing music but also occasionally talks about various hints that will be helpful in gameplay.


Highwater has a good emphasis on gameplay along with its promising narrative. You can explore the beautiful region of Hightower scavenging for supplies, discovering islands that you can explore, and even encounter different allies that will aid you in your mission. It might be set in a melancholic, post-apocalyptic world, but the presence of friends and the Highwater Pirate Radio will make for a pleasant and comforting gameplay experience.

When it comes to combat, Highwater has a turn-based isometric combat system. You will encounter many enemies on your journey in this relatively dangerous land. In combat, you can use your attacks and the environment to your advantage. For example, you may be able to knock down a tree atop your enemies or hide behind certain objects to evade an enemy attack. This will doubtless make for a varied and entertaining combat experience. Because this is a turn-based combat system, there will also be an emphasis on puzzles in gameplay.


Conclusively, Highwater is a promising adventure game with many features that will keep players fixated. You can discover the rich narrative of Highwater and enjoy its entertaining gameplay now. Links to the stores where you can purchase the game are listed below.

Highwater on Steam

Highwater on the PlayStation Store

Highwater on the Xbox Store

Highwater on the Nintendo Store

Rogue Games Website

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