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Horizon Chase 2 launches on Apple Arcade

Horizon Chase 2 launches on Apple Arcade

The racing game Horizon Chase 2 is out now for Apple Arcade.

Brazilian developer Aquiris has announced that the arcade-style racing game Horizon Chase 2 is out now on Apple Arcade. This new game in the series invites you to race around the world featuring online multiplayer for all game modes while “considerably improving the experience of the first game in every aspect.”

“Our main challenge was to make a sequel without missing its original essence: the arcade racing spirit, the unique art style, and the signature gameplay that made it such a success,” says Nando Guimarães, GM at Aquiris.

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According to the developer, gamers of all ages can enjoy fast-paced, accessible gameplay with support for both local and online multiplayer modes. The game uses a colorful art style and arcadey gameplay to appeal to a broad range of players.

“Creating the design of our cars was one of the most important parts of the production. Many things inspired us in this process, like the automotive design industry or the country that the car represents. And we also worked with amazing designers who did a great job helping us develop these cars that are the main characters of our franchise,” added Cristina Arikawa, the game’s art producer.

Horizon Chase 2 launches on Apple Arcade

The game soundtrack comes from composer Barry Leitch. His work includes Lotus Turbo ChallengeGauntlet LegendsTFXGauntlet Dark LegacyTop Gear, and Rush video game series.

Aquiris was founded in 2007 in Brazil. The team of more than 100 people is now spread around the world developing its own original IPs as well as co-developed titles with top global publishers. Previous releases include Horizon Chase, Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem, and Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker.