Dark Souls movie AI generated

How do you imagine the Dark Souls movie? This AI has made it come true!

Dark Souls movie AI generated

These screenshots, which look like they are taken from an official movie, are 100% AI-generated

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent years. Many of us, at some point, have heard of DALL-E, or GPT-3. Two AI content generation AIs that blow your mind for the great results they offer. But, what we have seen today, has been something that will completely blow your mind!

Midjourney AI is “new” to the internet, but, the work it delivers is incredible. A user on the NeoGAF forum has shared a set of screenshots that looks like something out of a movie from FromSoftware’s winning saga: Dark Souls. Screenshots that, surprisingly, are entirely computer-generated.

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Some Dark Souls movie shots that are totally fake

Dark Souls movie AI generated

As we have seen with DALL-E, the advance of AI in image and content generation has been significant. We have reached the point where many people do not know if this generated content is real or fake. It has even reached such a level that these generated images can be used to create art, games, or… Movies?

This is what the user “TintoConCasera” of the NeoGAF forum shared with us. He has shared a series of 28 screenshots generated by the AI Midjourney. Although the screenshots have been generated by a friend of the user, TintoConCasera shared that the statement of the request was: Create a movie based on Dark Souls.

The AI has generated a series of screenshots with a medieval style of the 80s or 90s movies. In each of these screenshots, the AI has achieved a style very similar to that created by FromSoftware in the DarkSouls saga. Even in some of them, we can see some scenarios or enemies that seem to have been taken directly from the game.

I remember in a conversation with friends, it came up that “AIs make content that looks soulless.” But, things like this, with a style that is so similar, have left that statement in the past. So, we can come to think about how little that barrier between what is real and what is not has become.