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How to clear the red fog in Redfall

If you want to easily clear the red fog during your Redfall playthrough, follow the tips in this guide.

Redfall is filled with a red fog or mist that blocks your path throughout the town and the countryside. If you walk through the fog, you will take quite a bit of damage. Here is how to clear the red fog in Redfall.

How to clear the red fog in Redfall

I got through about twelve hours of the game without realizing that you can clear the annoying red fog that blocks your path throughout the town of Redfall. I noticed the statues at the center of the red mist, but shooting them with any of your guns does not destroy them.

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However, one thing that I did not try is a UV light. As Homer Simpson would say: “Doh!”

First, you will need to find and equip a Portable UV Beam. You can do this by going to the game’s menu, selecting the Loadout tab, and scrolling until you find the best UV Beam in your inventory. Press the A button to equip it. If you are already near the red mist, you can cycle to the UV Beam with the Y button.

Next, you will want to be fairly close to the statue without entering the red mist itself. Aim with the left trigger and fire with the right trigger. You should hear the statue scream. Hold the right trigger down until the mist clears. Once the red fog clears, you will need to shoot or punch the petrified statue.

That’s it! Now just clear these whenever you come across them to make a clearer path or to avoid a hazard during a vampire fight. Just make sure that you have enough UV ammo (which is also effective against vampires).

One more thing: do not try to equip during a battle with the cultists or vampires. Enemies can still attack you even when you are in the game menu!

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