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How to find a PS5 on launch day

PlayStation 5 PS5 console

Didn’t land a PlayStation 5 pre-order? You’re not out of luck yet! There will be stock on launch day. We just don’t know how many units Sony is making available.

Due to the pandemic, Sony has already announced that the PS5 launch is an online-only event. By not selling any units on launch day in brick and mortar stores, they are discouraging sprawling overnight lines that are typical with a major console launch.

Numerous online retailers are expected to carry stock, but the availability will likely be extremely limited and vary from website to website. You’ll want to keep these tabs open and refresh them throughout the night and day starting at midnight Eastern on November 12.

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Here are some of the retailers that we recommend checking:

You may also want to check regional retailers like Meijer. If you have no luck with any of these, your last option (aside from waiting) might be eBay.

Did you pre-order a PS5? Where did you buy it? Let us know in the comments!