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Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad Launches on PSN and Xbox Live

2XL Games announced today that Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad is now available for both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad tosses out the needless, most tedious aspects of racing games in favor of a game that is truly fun. Chock-full of features such as multiplayer, vehicle upgrades, 60 frames per second and a full 1080p HD presentation, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad puts you on right on the track with non-stop fender-to-fender, big air, mudslinging, dirt-spraying action.

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“Looking back on the previous generation of games, there were a lot of great racers out there that were simply a lot of fun. They were inspiring,” said Robb Rinard, creative director at 2XL Games. “We wanted to recapture what was great about those games while making something our own. I’m proud of what we’ve created, and I’m more than ready to take on some challengers online.”