Journey into Saddam’s Spider Hole

Kuma Reality Games has launched an interactive documentary series on Saddam Hussein. The latest installment, which goes live today, takes gamers through the actual search and capture of Hussein by U.S. troops at the infamous ‘spider hole.’ The previous episode, released several weeks ago, was a re-creation of the events leading to Saddam’s current war crimes trial for the alleged mass execution of villagers in the Iraqi town of Dujayl. Both episodes are available for free download at Kuma/War (

“The Capture of Saddam: Operation Red Dawn,� takes gamers through a detailed walkthrough of the events, locations and strategies that the U.S. Army employed to capture Saddam Hussein in 2003. As a soldier in the 4th Infantry Division, users are tasked with finding the infamous dictator – search the areas code-named Wolverine One and Wolverine Two in order to locate the 6-foot-deep spider hold in which Saddam is hiding. Filled with drama and compelling information, Operation Red Dawn gives consumers an interactive experience from a key, real-world event still resonating throughout the world.

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