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Kandra: The Moonwalker is a 3D platform adventure game coming to PC

Kandra: The Moonwalker

An indie developer from Spain is releasing a Kickstarter campaign on May 11 to help fund their new 3D platform adventure game Kandra: The Moonwalker. 

Flyleaf Studios are the one’s behind this Kickstarter campaignThey are looking for funds for their new project, Kandra: The Moonwalker, a 3D platform adventure that they hope to bring to life and create the best player experience possible.

In Kandra: The Moonwalker, you bring life to Kandra, a clan of old magic guardians. The guardians are willing to use their power to open portals to other worlds, but their feathers have been stolen and must be brought back. This game can remind us a little bit of Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

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You’ll find a lot of references to ’90s classics in the game. Also, the team put a multitude of treasures and hidden zones for explorers, who will get rewards for finding them. Kandra: The Moonwalker offers players a variety of characters to play that will have many abilities and skills to unlock playing the game.

Kandra: The Moonwalker

Flyleaf Studios

The indie developer Flyleaf Studios is based in Palma, Spain. Members are professionals and lovers of the gaming sector. Their mission is to develop games with high quality in terms of art, narrative, and entertainment. Their vision is to keep developing games with heart and soul, believing in human talent.

“There are many platform games that let you discover other worlds, and bring to life incredible characters,” says Juan Gabriel Gomila, CEO at Flyleaf Studios. “However, the essence of Kandra: The Moonwalker is to bring the player to a new universe, fully alive.”

Kandra: The Moonwalker is their first commercial title.

Watch a trailer for the game below!