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Katamari Forever Demo Launches on PSN

Available now for free download via PlayStation Network, the demo of Katamari Forever lets players roll through two complete levels of the forthcoming installment in the weird and revered series. Katamari Forever will be available on September 22, 2009, exclusively for the PS3. Playing as either the Prince or one of his seven cousins – Slip, Dangle, Ryu, The Princess, Drive, Ichigo or Miso – players must use the Katamari Sprinkler to return life to the desert and roll up random playthings to make a space satellite.

Bulging with the largest collection of stages, modes, songs, and cousins to date, alongside remixes of the unforgettable music from Katamari Damacy, an all-new storyline featuring everyone’s favorite video game royal family, an array of dazzling new visual effects and 1080p HD graphics, Katamari Forever is a must-have for any self-respecting Katamari fan.

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Faithful to the oddball Katamari universe and its idiosyncratic yet strangely irresistible gameplay, players in Katamari Forever will use the Prince’s Katamari to roll up everyday objects from cats to combs. The more objects the Prince rolls up, the larger his Katamari becomes, allowing him to roll up even bigger items until no skyscraper or ocean liner is safe. In Katamari Forever the Prince faces his toughest challenge yet with more strange and sensational Katamari to roll up than ever before.