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Lavair partners with Sega for limited edition Mega Drive shoes, hats

Lavair x Sega Mega Drive collection

The official release date for a limited-edition Mega Drive themed collaboration with legendary Japanese gaming company Sega has been announced. The shoes and hats come from Lavair.

The fanaticism for the video game industry, whether it’s games or consoles, grows at an unimaginable rate each year. As a thank you to their fans, companies often provide merchandise so that you can rock out in the style of your favorite game or game company.

Sometimes, high-end companies will collaborate with industry companies and developers, resulting in collections that are so unique that we don’t always recognize them. Moschino’s collaborations with Mario or The Sims are an example of this. This time it’s the British company Lavair, which has created a collaboration with Sega based on the Japanese company’s classic Mega Drive/Genesis console.

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A stylish video game collaboration

The four-piece collaboration will include two styles: the retro-colored Exo Sega Mega Drive Analog and the more understated Exo Sega Mega Drive Mono, both with matching caps. For Sega Mega Drive’s first official shoe collaboration, Lavair has redefined its best-selling Exo to combine luxury craftsmanship with stylish nostalgia.

The Exo Sega Mega Drive features a full thermoplastic polyurethane eye-stay and a weather-resistant toe guard, all wrapped in a high-tensile nylon upper. Exo is built with a streetwear-inspired outsole and outdoor trekker detailing for maximum comfort beneath the brand’s signature, lighter-than-air sole.

Lavair Mega Drive Analog Mono

“The designs Lavair has come up with for their Mega Drive themed collection really capture the timeless appeal of this iconic brand,” said Jason Rice, Brand Licensing Director at Sega Europe. “We can’t wait to hear what Sega fans and trainer aficionados alike think of the collaboration.”

The Lavair x Sega Mega Drive collection are available for purchase exclusively at the Lavair online store beginning July 23, 2021. Shoes are available in sizes ranging from US 7 to US 13. The shoes will cost $276, while the caps will cost $70.