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League of Wonderland is a real-time strategy game with two-minute battles

If you’ve ever wanted to play a real-time strategy game during a lunch break but didn’t have the time, League of Wonderland might be for you.

Sega is releasing its latest real-time strategy game next month, and it comes with the twist of being super high-speed. They say that you can complete a match in just two minutes.

The game looks to combine elements from action, real-time strategy, card, and tower defense games. According to Sega, you’ll make a customized deck of eight cards and then use heroes from well-known fairy tales, history, and myths to destroy your opponent’s towers.

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League of Wonderland is coming to Android and iOS devices on September 30. It will have microtransactions, although the extent is not yet known. You can pre-register to get a notification when the game is available at Google Play and the App Store.