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Logitech Announces diNovo Edge Bluetooth Keyboard

Meant to be seen and touched, the comfortable new keyboard, with a

high-gloss finish, is laser cut from a single, semi-translucent piece of

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black Plexiglas® and set into a brushed-aluminum frame. Its minimalist

style is further evident in the limited number of buttons and the dynamic,

backlighted icons embedded within the keyboard, which are invisible when

not illuminated. Considering the keyboard’s many innovations and advanced

technology, this eye-catching design seems impossibly thin at only ¾-inches

(19.05 mm) thick.

Breaking new ground in technology, the diNovo Edge is Logitech’s first

rechargeable keyboard, features an integrated touch-sensitive navigation

and scroll panel, and includes embedded Bluetooth® wireless technology. Its

fusion of premium technology and aesthetics adds a sense of prestige to any

den or office. It also makes the keyboard a perfect addition to the living

room, where an increasing number of people are using their computers.

“The diNovo Edge is the most beautiful and elegant keyboard we’ve ever

made,” said Denis Pavillard, vice president of product marketing for

Logitech’s keyboards and desktops. “It elicits an immediate emotional

connection the first time you see it – and that connection only gets

stronger when you place your hands upon it. The diNovo Edge delivers a

premium experience in every way, from how it looks in the office or living

room, to how it feels and performs in the hands of its owner.”