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Mario Strikers Charged Tournament on XLeague.TV

XLEAGUE.TV, the UK’s first dedicated eSports channel, has announced the UK’s first televised Nintendo Wii tournament and online league. XLEAGUE.TV will be kicking off on the 18th August with an open registration for Mario Strikers Charged tournament. On the same day, people will also be able to start playing immediately in our Mario Strikers Charged league. These will be a 1 vs 1 competitions, with entrants able to compete via XLEAGUE.TV’s website. Tournament, league play and finals will be broadcast on XLEAGUE.TV’s Sky channel 279, with cash and prizes to be announced.

“Being in the exclusive position of having an online and television presence, we’re able to give unprecedented support for the Nintendo Wii unrivalled by any other UK platforms,” says Lee Catania, Marketing Manager for XLEAGUE.TV.”It’s a terrific console and we’re proud to be including it in our line-up as we intend to bring our viewers and on line community the very best in next gen gaming.”

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