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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Voiceover Promotion

In a surprise addition to the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Voiceover Promotion, Activision announced today that enthusiasts/fans can now audition to be the voice of Namor (aka Sub-Mariner.) – the King of Atlantis himself! Activision has already received so many great entries for Bruce Banner so they have decided to close that casting call and add a new character. Auditions for Namor and Jean Grey are going on now, so please keep those entries coming! See the official contest page for full entry details and rules: http://www.marvelultimatealliance.com/index.php

As a reminder, our Grand Prize winners will get an Xbox 360, a copy of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance game, a poster signed by Stan Lee, a pack of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance playing cards and a trip to Los Angeles to record their lines and meet the producers. The audition period will end on July 23, 2006. Be sure to get your entries in before then! For more information about the game, go to www.marvelultimatealliance.com.

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