Metal Gear Solid 4 Remains PS3 Exclusive, Kojima Says

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Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima recently sat down for an interview with gaming blog Kotaku. In it, he confirmed what most have been speculating, despite persistent rumors to the contrary – Metal Gear Solid 4 will remain exclusive to the PlayStation 3. For Sony, that’s a huge sigh of relief.

“The PS3 is like the theatre, it’s a little bit high-priced but it has to be high quality as well. The 360 is a DVD, it still needs to be high quality but you need more variations, while the Wii is almost like a TV channel, because every game you have it with your family,” Kojima was quoted as saying.

“MGS4 is aimed for the movie theatre, it’s aimed for the PS3, so the game’s scenario and graphics need this theatre-type hardware. It’s when a producer has a game that can work on the ‘DVD level’ that a game will go multiplatform”, adding that the rumor continues “because [Xbox] 360 owners want it on 360, obviously.”