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Miami Law Ships for Nintendo DS

Miami Law, the action-adventure videogame from Hudson Entertainment, needs skilled officers to help solve a terrorist conspiracy. Miami Law has all the ingredients of popular crime/drama series: a shadowy terrorist conspiracy, furious shoot-outs in abandoned warehouses, challenging crime-scene detective work and more. Miami Law is now exclusively available for Nintendo DS for $29.99.

“Fans of action shows like CSI, 24 and Law and Order will especially enjoy the action-adventure storyline of Miami Law,” said Mike Pepe, director of marketing at Hudson Entertainment. “With both furious action sequences and brain teasing puzzle-based games, Miami Law gives Nintendo DS owners diverse gameplay options along with hours of replayability.”

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Miami Law allows players to choose their path and experience the story from two points of view – either as the intense Law Martin from the Miami PD or the brainy Sara Starling from the FBI. Depending on which character they pick, players will be presented with different challenges. Playing as Sara will feature a puzzle-based, mystery solving element, whereas playing as Law will thrust the player into the action, often into car chases or shoot-outs where taking out the bad guys is the only way to get results.

To preview the Miami Law, the second demo is also now available for download at the Nintendo Channel on Wii. The Nintendo DS Demo includes two mini-games titled “Shootout Boss Antonio” and “Specify Bioweapon.” In “Shootout Boss Antonio,” Law and Sara arrived just in time to save Jessica Browne from Antonio and his crew. While Sara is dealing with Kelly, you, as Law, must handle Antonio by taking careful aim and using the exploding barrel to your advantage.