Microsoft: $150 Price for Kinect, $300 Xbox 360 Bundle

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Microsoft let out the worst kept secret in town on Tuesday: that the Kinect camera accessory for Xbox 360 would be $150. In a bit of a surprised (although predicted on The Game Freaks 365 Podcast), the company will bundle the 4GB Xbox 360 console with Kinect and the game Kinect Adventures for $300. That amounts to about a $50 savings for those that currently lack a Xbox 360. Microsoft’s stock was up 1 percent on the news.

The high price is a bit if a disappointment for what will be a 15 game launch this fall. In addition, the company will sell stand-alone 4GB Xbox 360 consoles starting on August 3 in the United States for $200. With a sleek new design, the Xbox 360 4GB console looks great and includes built-in Wi-Fi N, 4GB of internal flash memory, touch-sensitive buttons and a black matte finish.

“Kinect for Xbox 360 offers tremendous entertainment value for the whole family,” said Dennis Durkin, Xbox 360 chief operating officer. “With full body, voice and the ability to play games with your friends right out of the box, Kinect is the most unique, complete and affordable way for everyone to enjoy controller-free fun and entertainment.”