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Moonlighter crosses 500K units sold; Between Dimensions DLC announced

Indie developer Digital Sun announced today that the hit action RPG Moonlighter has sold 500,000 copies across all platforms.

If you’re not familiar, Moonlighter is a dungeon crawler that came out roughly a year ago on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It has since been released on the Nintendo Switch as well. The game has seen a number of new features added over that time, including new skins and mini-bosses.

To celebrate the sales milestone, Digital Sun announced today that they will be releasing the first paid DLC for Moonlighter this summer. The DLC is titled Between Dimensions.

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“The DLC enlarges the main experience by filling current dungeons with new creatures, populating all-new Interdimensional Dungeon with mini-bosses, swarming the adventure with new weapons, armory, shop items, and rings,” the indie developer promises.

According to Digital Sun, the full feature set for Between Dimensions includes 10 original enemies and five mini-bosses, a full set of new weapons and armor, new rings, a new shop upgrade, new customers, and a new interdimensional dungeon.

If you’ve held off on buying your own copy of Moonlighter, Humble Store has the Steam version of the game on sale for $11.99 for the next three and a half days.

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