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Most Iconic Beverages from Video Games

Who doesn’t enjoy a good drink? Let’s take a look at a few of the most iconic beverages from video games. We’d like to try all of these drinks from some of our favorite video games.

I think many of us can wholeheartedly agree that good drinks are one of those things that make our lives more fun and enjoyable. In many video games, the developers thought to include drinks that look appealing.

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Sunset Sarsaparilla and Nuka Cola (Fallout)

Most Iconic Beverages from Video Games Nuka Cola Fallout

Let’s first talk about the most iconic and well-known drink from the Fallout franchise, Nuka Cola. As the name implies, this was based on the popular soda, Coca-Cola. In the games, there are variants of this drink with different effects and looks. Its logo is very similar to those of Coca-Cola.

The one that I like even more than Nuka Cola is Sunset Sarsaparilla. There are rumors that it contains ingredients that might make the consumer a bit ill with bronchitis, kidney damage, and organ rupture (among other things). But those don’t really make this drink any less appealing. At least for me.

Arcadia Merlot (BioShock)

This is an alcoholic beverage commonly found in the underwater city of Rapture. The bottle of the drink looks rather elegant. With grapes from Arcadia, this drink is made carefully and sent for bottling to Worley Winery before shipping for the populace to consume.

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Black Briar Mead (Skyrim)

Iconic Beverages from Games

This is a rare and valuable variant of the already popular and superior (to Honningbrew Mead) Black-Briar Mead. This drink is made from honey and other fruits, but the accurate recipe is not given in the game. But one thing is for certain: this drink is crafted with the utmost care and it fits for a feast of a Jarl.

Vintage Brandy (Morrowind)

Iconic Beverages from Games

This is a very rare and expensive alcoholic beverage that’s only found in the homes of the wealthiest people of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It’s a very strong drink that’s probably best enjoyed slowly and little by little. Because of the time the makers take to craft and ferment this drink, the potency is extreme.

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Sake (Sekiro)

Iconic Beverages from Games

There are a few types of sake in Sekiro, but let’s focus on one specific version that’s the favorite drink of Lord Isshin Ashina himself. Unrefined sake has a rich and full-bodied flavor that is quite strong. Many of its consumers get quite intoxicated in a short time.