Overwatch 2 has the most negative user reviews of any game on Steam

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Blizzard has had a big problem since October 2022: Overwatch 2. Ever since the announcement that players would no longer be able to play the original game once Overwatch 2 was released, it was already looking rough with bad decision after bad decision.

Even if Blizzard wanted to fix things, it was too late. The biggest reflection of this has been the Steam reviews of Overwatch 2. The user reviews have made Overwatch 2 the game with the most negative reviews on Steam with over 100k negative reviews.

The Reflection of An Entire Disgruntled Community

We all (including me) got excited when Overwatch 2 was announced with a lot of positive changes. It looked like Blizzard finally heard the community with 120fps and VRR on next-gen consoles, and a lot of positive changes in the mechanics. A new installment of a title loved by the community that surprisingly managed to disappoint everyone.

Overwatch 2 screenshot 1

Overwatch 2 not only managed to disappoint the players of its community but external to it. At the top of the list of criticism was an excessive amount of microtransactions and abuse of loot boxes. In addition, many gamers complained that Overwatch 2 slowly changed from free-to-play to pay-to-win.

In addition, support for the Battle.net portal was dropped in China. It’s reportedly the most important market which generated the most earnings in Overwatch 2 for Blizzard. Players in China stopped being able to play the title – or worse, lost access to their accounts with thousands of dollars spent on paid content.

It’s a lot of accumulated problems that each time put Overwatch 2 and Blizzard in a worse place. What once was once a small snowball of problems, today became an avalanche. And that’s what the game’s Steam reviews reflect.

#1 Worst-Rated Game on Steam

After the game’s release on Steam, Blizzard thought the community would embrace Overwatch 2 with open arms. But boy, have they ever been more wrong! The game’s community, along with gamers from all walks of life (and players from China, in particular) expressed their dissatisfaction with the game.

Through Steam’s review system, players expressed their various discomforts. Chinese players expressed their dissatisfaction by commenting that many could not play the game, even though the game was on Steam. Overwatch 2 is asking players to log in to their Battle.net accounts. Therefore, since Battle.net cannot be used in China, many Chinese players have not been able to play the title.

In addition to this, players have reportedly lost their accounts in the migration to Steam. That’s potentially thousands of dollars lost in skins and coins for the most dedicated players.

In addition to this, the Overwatch community in general has expressed their discontent with the bad decisions of the development team. For example, the promised story mode of the game was canceled.

Not all of them have been users of the game’s community. Many other players and internet trolls joined the cause, achieving the incredible figure of almost 120 thousand negative reviews. This represents 91% of all the reviews of the game, making Overwatch 2 the #1 game on Steam with the worst reviews.