Movie Studios Cut UMD Support

The PlayStation Portable’s strong suit was once believed to be its UMD movies, which for the longest time actually outsold the games on the system, partially due to their quantity. Apparently not even the UMD movies are selling as well as expected, at least according to an article on Variety. Several film studios, including Paramount, Warner and yes, even Sony Pictures have announced that they will be cutting back on movie releases for the platform.

New releases are to be cut, while Sony says they’ll be focusing on comedies like Not Another Teen Movie and Monty Python. Fox’s Napoleon Dynamite was the top-selling PSP UMD release while Paramount’s biggest PSP successes was TV comedy Chappelle’s Show — Vol. 1. According to the article, top PSP movie sales are more than 100,000 units, with the average sales closer to 40,000-50,000 units. Sony is hoping to boost usage of UMD movies by releasing an adapter that would allow PSP movies to be watched on a television.

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