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New Book Blows the Lid Off of Videogame Marketing

The definitive guide to mastering the essentials behind making, marketing and promoting product to the world’s most exciting entertainment business – the $13.5 billion computer and videogame industry – is finally here. In his groundbreaking new book Videogame Marketing and PR: Vol. 1 – Playing to Win (P3: Power Play Publishing, $17.95), world-renowned marketing, publishing and PR guru Scott Steinberg reveals everything game developers, publishers, investors and enthusiasts alike need to know to ensure every title’s a surefire smash. Also includes a foreward by Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts, 3DO and Digital Chocolate.

Available May 15 at all major retailers including Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, this volume, the first of its kind, offers over 200 pages of in-depth commentary, expert advice, CEO-level insight, proven tips, step-by-step how to’s and interviews with the industry’s biggest names designed to offer exciting new perspectives into the business for everyone from newcomers to experienced vets. Covering all topics from PC to console, casual, mobile, massively-multiplayer, online and independent games, the volume’s a natural fit for anyone with a vested or even passing interest in the interactive entertainment space.

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