New Darwinia Demo

Introversion Software have released a new demo of their beautiful strategy game Darwinia. It features a completely new mission and introduces a more classic control style that can also be added to the full game as a patch. You can download demo and patch from this page.

If you still have not got the game, read our review of it here and then buy it at Introversion’s new online store which lets you download the game instantly when you payed for it but it will also still be delivered to you in physical form. They are shipping worldwide so there is no excuse left. Buy this game!

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For those that have already got the game, there is more: The official soundtrack has been released and there are two very nice two sided posters, also availiable from the store.

In case you (like me) have got the game as well as all the merchandise already, there is some more good news: Development on Introversion’s next two games is well underway and “the third game” should only take months to complete.

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