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New games for the Zodiac

Tapwave may have given up the Zodiac but it is still very much alive. Not just on the homebrew development front either:

GeoPod XE has finally been released. The game was announced a long time ago and nobody expected it to come out anymore. Now Fathammer have released it for free to all Zodiac users. You can download it here. Also announced long ago and now finally availiable are three content packs for Fathammer’s shooter Firehammer. They can be downloaded for free here.
Thank you, Fathammer!

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But not only do old games get released, new games are announced:

Origo Prologue is going to be a Zodiac exclusive Realtime Strategy game and it is looking very impressive. You can take a look at screenshots and a video at pixelknights.com. Read this official statement:

“We have decided to finish the development of Origo: Prologue for the Tapwave Zodiac, even though Tapwave have discontinued their business. Naturally, the demand for Zodiac games is in decline with the platform not being sold anymore. But we feel it will be a nice surprise for the community, and to be quite frank, large revenues were never the main goal of this project.”

That still isn’t it, though:

With WizardWorld another exclusive Zodiac game has been announced and it is featuring some nice 3D graphics. It will be an action/strategy game. You can read more about it as well as take a look at some screenshots at ZodiacGamer.

Seems like there is quite some life left in this little handheld. And don’t forget the upcoming releases of some great PalmOS games, including E.D.G.E., Arvale 2, K-Rally and some other surprises…