Ghostwire Tokyo
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New Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer unveiled during PlayStation State of Play

Ghostwire Tokyo

We were able to get a new look at Tango Gameworks’ upcoming work.

Yesterday, the latest PlayStation State of Play took place. The most anticipated PlayStation event of the first quarter delivered a lot of interesting content, but one thing that caught our eye was a new trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo, a game from Tango Gameworks that will be released this month.

An action-adventure straight from Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-adventure game in which players must master the mighty skills of ethereal weaving while battling Hannya and his supporters, the Visitors, who have invaded Tokyo. These otherworldly beings explore the beautiful world of Ghostwire, creating a captivating ambiance that is a love letter to Tokyo, its mysteries and wonders.

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“[Hannya’s] body language is showing he is taking action to achieve something big, and one cannot tell if the mask is expressing anger or sadness,” says Kenji Kimura, Director at Tango Gameworks.

“This can be said not just for Hannya, but also for Akito and KK, that Goethe’s “Faust” was [also] an inspiration in depicting the way a person who achieves supernatural powers […] can face the challenges of pursuing their own beliefs, wishes and desires,” he added.

Pre-order the game and get Early Access

In addition to the reveal of the new trailer, Tango Gameworks has shared with all PlayStation gamers that by pre-ordering Ghostwire: Tokyo from the PlayStation Store, they will get 3-day early access to the game. In addition to this, players will get access to the streetwear pack, Shinobi costume and Kunai weapon.

Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo will arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC on March 25 worldwide.

Watch the new State of Play trailer down below!