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Nexon Launches KartRider Beta in America

Nexon America, the U.S. division of Asia’s leading online games company Nexon Group, announced today the company will launch a North American version of KartRider. An international sensation, KartRider is a free-to-download, subscription free, online multiplayer racing-adventure game that is enjoyed by over 160 million riders worldwide.

Nexon will launch a closed beta test May 1, giving gamers the chance to compete as individuals or in teams with karts of their choice. Competitors can interact with each other online through chatting and community forums. Races are held on a variety of 3D racing tracks and courses based on particular themes, including the fast-paced Zoomtown, the dizzying sands of Desert Drift, and the icy Arctic Rim.

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Nexon is allowing a limited amount of accounts to enter the beta version of KartRider. In due course, they will extend the exclusive circle of admitted beta testers. Interested gamers can register at the website www.kart.nexon.net.