Nintendo Acknowledges PS2, GCN Mistakes

In an interview quoted by EuroGamer, George Harrison (VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications – Nintendo of America) acknowledged mistakes with a lack of third party support for the GameCube and promised better support with the Revolution. “We’ve got more than 1,000 developer kits including the controller kits, out, so there should be plenty there,” Harrison said, referring to the Revolution and its launch this fall.

Harrison also talked about how power might not matter. “I think that, oddly enough, when people talk about horsepower, sheer graphical processing and things, the system that had the least impressive technical specs, the PlayStation 2, became the huge winner in the last generation. That told us that it wasn’t always just about horsepower. One of the things that we did learn, and one of the reasons that we’re here today is that you have to get third party involvement early and they have to be able to get access early.”

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