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Nintendo announces a new Amiibo of Min Min from ARMS

Min Min Amiibo

Nintendo is looking forward to next year and new Amiibos are coming on the scene. After revealing Kazuya as a new playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Min Min is the newest Amiibo for next year.

All deep-heart fans from Nintendo remember when the first Amiibos were announced. They were so hard to get even though the Japanese company launched one Amiibo every three weeks or so. Nowadays, Amiibos’ flow has become slower, but it’s certain that they still are hard to get your hands on.

Nintendo is working on 2022 already, and it seems is going to be a great year for the good old Japanese company. They had Pokémon Legend Arceus and Splatoon 3 on the horizon, along with all the rumors from the upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch. Plus, there is a nice amount of companies and indie developers that are looking forward to adding games to the Switch.

Meanwhile, Nintendo keeps adding characters to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate like Sephiroth, Mythra, and Pyra. The latest characters added to the list are Kazuya from Tekken and Min Min from ARMS. In the last presentation from these two characters, Nintendo announced the Amiibo figure for Min Min.

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What to expect

With her characteristic arms with Chakram and Dragon shape, the blonde fighter from ARMS rests on a plastic support that looks like an air current. The Amiibo looks amazing. We can see that Nintendo keeps working on their products with great finishes and very detailed figures.

Nintendo isn’t giving further details from the release of many games and products like the Amiibos for next year. At the moment, everything stays on a simple “arrives in 2022” timeframe, making fans uncomfortable and thinking about future delays. It seems likely that if you want to get your hands on one of the Min Min Amiibos, you’ll have to wait until mid-2022 or even late in the year to grab one up.