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Nintendo Announces Fall Lineup

Nintendo has to stay in the headlines somehow. Sometimes its game announcements, other times its release dates and prices, then of course there’s the name change for hardware. Yes, Nintendo is launching the Wii in Q4 2006, but they aren’t giving release dates yet. Roughly every week this fall a new Nintendo DS game will come out from Nintendo. They include:

Oct. 9: Clubhouse Games
Oct. 16: Nintendogs (Dalmatian)
Oct. 23: Magical Starsign
Oct. 30: Pokémon Ranger
Oct. 30: Children of Mana
Nov. 6: Elite Beat Agents
Nov. 13: Yoshi’s Island 2
Dec. 4: Custom Robo Arena
Dec. 4: Kirby Squeak Squad

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Absent from the list are Star Fox (which gets released in August) and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. So what happened to the two handheld strategy that Nintendo was talking about two years ago? Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance only has one release touted by the company: Final Fantasy V Advance. With yesterday’s announcement of 21 million Nintendo DS units sold, GBA appears to be all but dead to Nintendo.