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Nintendo DS Lite Launches in Europe

Nintendo’s sleek new handheld console, the Nintendo DS Lite launches across Europe today following its phenomenal success in Japan and America. Now Europeans can enjoy all of their favourite games on a lighter, brighter Nintendo DS, available in black and white versions. Nintendo DS Lite is an improved version of the highly successful Nintendo DS, which has already been bought by more than 4.5 million people across Europe since its launch.

When it launched in Japan and America earlier this year the Nintendo DS Lite was an overnight success, wooing consumers with its new redesign. Two days after its launch in America, the Nintendo DS Lite had sold a staggering 136,500 units with many major retailers totally selling out. The Nintendo DS Lite has been selling so fast that it is even outperforming the 2003 launch of the Game Boy Advance SP by 12%.

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As summer draws close the Nintendo DS Lite is the perfect holiday companion, with a strong line-up of software including: the recently launched Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? a unique and innovative application which allows users to test and train their brain in just a few minutes a day; and the first side scrolling Mario platform game since the days of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, New Super Mario Bros.. which launches on June 30th, 2006.