Nintendo Wii Moves Within 20,000 of Xbox 360

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Nintendo’s increasingly popular Wii is now within just 20,000 units worldwide of overtaking the Xbox 360 as the market leader. As’s data shows, the Wii now has 10.41 million units sold, compared to 10.43 million units sold for the Xbox 360. VGChartz takes into account units sold (not units shipped) and compiles retail data from across the globe (Asian territories, North America, Australia, and Europe).

Earlier in the week, GamePro reported that the Wii has already passed the GameCube’s lifetime sales in Great Britain. They also showed sales data showing that the Wii is on-track to outsell the 115 million units that PS2 managed. According to their research, Wii outsold PS2’s record setting 2.9 million in its first eight months in the United States with 3.2 million for Wii. Japanese numbers are even better for Nintendo.

In other news, it appears that the PS3 price cut last month might have helped. VGChartz data shows that the PS3 has passed Xbox 360 as the second next-gen console in sales for the week ending August 11 and 12. That still leaves both systems in 5th and 6th behind the Nintendo DS, Wii, PSP and PS2. When the Wii passes the Xbox 360 within the next week or so, we will be sure to report it.