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No Man’s Sky launches on Mac

Hello Games continues its commitment to its game by bringing it to all platforms

No Man’s Sky has had an incredible ride since its announcement. From being a game loved and anticipated by all to being one of the most disliked, and finally redeeming itself. It’s an incredible story that to this day continues to expand with the launch of No Man’s Sky on Mac.

And what better way to expand with the new announcement by Hello Games. No Man’s Sky, nine years since its release, finally comes to macOS and Macbooks. Taking advantage of Apple’s new processor technology, Hello Games launches a new update via Steam so that all Mac players can enjoy the title.

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An unexpected but welcome launch on Mac

No Mans Sky macOS

Throughout its history, No Man’s Sky has been widely criticized for not delivering what was promised at the time of its announcement. However, the game has received numerous free updates that have added everything that was originally promised. However, this jump to macOS is an unexpected move that many Mac-owning gamers will like.

The game has been built from the ground up with a new rendering engine to take advantage of Apple’s new Silicon processors. Achieving not only improved performance but better performance than Intel processors with internal graphics. The game offers fast load times using the Mac’s internal SSD. Consistent performance across the entire Mac range is made possible by MetalFX scaling.

But I’m sure you’re wondering: “Do I have to create a new game? Start exploring from 0?” Well no, my friend! Hello Games has added cross-platform saving through Steam. So, it doesn’t matter if today you play on Mac and tomorrow on Windows. You can always explore the same game.

But that is not all…

No Man’s Sky also supports cross-play on Mac with all other platforms! This will allow players to join the millions of existing players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and even VR. This new macOS version of No Man’s Sky is available through Steam starting today and will be coming soon to the Mac App Store.

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