Non-Racing Games with Excellent Driving Mechanics

These are some of the best non-racing games with excellent driving mechanics that are satisfying and fun. Keep in mind that these games may not meet your standards if you expect superb driving that’s similar to games like Need for Speed or Forza Horizon.

Because these titles were never explicitly about driving, their mechanics may pale in comparison to those of racing games. But all in all, these games’ driving will most probably satisfy the readers.

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Grand Theft Auto V

Non-Racing Games with Excellent Driving Mechanics

While GTA V is not strictly a racing game, driving and racing are very important aspects of the game. Every GTA game in the franchise features driving, and the latest and most popular entry of the series features the best driving as of now. Many vehicles feel different from others, at least slightly. And the selection of automobiles is extremely varied. They can also be customized to a great degree to suit the player’s tastes better.

Mad Max

Non-Racing Games with Excellent Driving Mechanics

Mad Max actually focuses on driving more than many games in this entry, and the player’s car is one of the most important parts of the game’s narrative and gameplay. A simple car made by an associate of Max can turn into an ultra-fast war machine with enough upgrades.

From the appearance to the performance, the car can be upgraded to a great degree. And the fun to be had with vehicular combat in Mad Max is seen only in this underrated gem, so far. There are racing events in the game as optional missions, and they are more chaotic and destructive than the driving of many other games.

Days Gone

Another game that’s similar to Mad Max, Days Gone features a bike instead of any other vehicle. This bike can be customized in terms of appearance and performance. For me, this game has some of the best bike-riding mechanics in video game history. It’s immensely satisfying and rarely gets boring.

Like the car in Mad Max, the bike in Days Gone can be made into a monster with enough upgrades. Upgrading the bike is actually a very entertaining and rewarding thing to do. There’s a variety of stunts to perform in the beautiful yet dangerous world of Days Gone, and riding through the post-apocalyptic environments will never get old.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight featured the Batmobile as a drivable vehicle for the first time in the series. This ‘car’ was more akin to an insanely fast tank that’s able to destroy everything in its path while not taking much damage. With built-in firearms and other tools, overcoming every enemy in this game is pretty simple. Plus, there were a lot of puzzles that you could solve using the Batmobile.

Some players argue that including the vehicle actually made the game inferior to the previous entries of the franchise. However, there is no denying that the driving and vehicular combat mechanics of Arkham Knight remain some of the best in modern gaming.