The Legend of Zelda Minecraft
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Fan remakes classic The Legend of Zelda in Minecraft

Minecraft surprises once again with its versatility when it comes to using in-game tools.

The classic Doom, in addition to its success in the 80s, is recognized for having been ported to everything you can imagine with a screen. We’ve even talked about a Windows Notepad version of Doom! But, recently, the need to port a new classic to everything you can imagine has started to grow: The Legend of Zelda in Minecraft.

Surprisingly, a modder known as C1OUS3R has recreated the early stages of Link’s original adventure with the tools available in Minecraft! Yeah, you read it correctly. It’s a remake of the classic NES game without using any external mod to the tools already available in Minecraft.

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An unimaginable port with incredible quality

The Legend of Zelda from NES has always been a video game classic. Recently, we have learned of a user who has made a VR port of the game. But a port of the game to the best-selling Minecraft probably has never crossed the mind of any player. At least that’s what we thought until C1OUS3R, a Minecraft player, took up this challenge.

The Legend of Zelda Minecraft Screenshot

As the player explains in a YouTube video, the goal was to make the port without using any external tool for Minecraft. Even so, the player confirms that he has had to use a variety of custom textures, blocks, and tricks to carry out a port of such caliber. Boy, did he succeed!

In addition to detailing the creation process of the port, he has shown us the performance of the game. It should be noted that we are talking about a fully functional port inside Minecraft. However, it is possible to play the first adventures of the game up to the first Dungeon. Undoubtedly, it’s something impressive that speaks to the versatility and power offered to Minecraft creators.

C1OUS3R thinks that this potential can be taken much further. In this case, he is not referring to the port of The Legend of Zelda. Through a thread on Reddit, he has notified us that he plans to create a game engine within Minecraft. If true, it will be much easier for those who want to get started in game development.

“It’s much easier to understand rather than something like Unity,” he claims.

Check out the video of The Legend of Zelda port in Minecraft below!