On-Gaku: Our Sound release date confirmed for digital, Blu-ray, and DVD

On-Gaku: Our Sound

GKIDS announced today that On-Gaku: Our Sound is coming out on digital, Blu-ray, and DVD on March 9, 2021.

Animated almost entirely by director Kenji Iwaisawa, On-Gaku: Our Sound brings its own sound and vision to the Hiroyuki Ohashi manga from which it was adapted. The anime features a lead performance by Japanese alt-rock legend Shintaro Sakamoto.

“With pitch-perfect deadpan humor, the film presents a highly original take on the beloved slacker comedy: a lo-fi buddy film with a blaring musical finale that will leave you wanting an immediate encore,” GKIDS says.

Here’s a description of the anime:

When you’re a bored teenager looking for thrills, sometimes the only thing you can turn to is rock ‘n roll. Having no skill, money, or even a full set of drums, a feared trio of high school delinquents nevertheless decide they are destined for musical glory in a quest to impress their only friend Aya, avoid a rival gang, and – most importantly – jam out.


Pre-orders are open now on Amazon. So you can reserve your copy today.

Bonus Features

The DVD and Blu-ray releases have a number of bonus features. They include:

  • The Making of On-Gaku: Our Sound*
  • Our Movie: Behind the Scenes
  • Live Musical Performance
  • On-Gaku (Demo)
  • Rock Festival Pencil Test
  • Storyboards Gallery
  • Trailers

You’ll also get a series of short films from Kenji Iwaisawa:

  • Mountain
  • Mourning Ice Pop
  • Nicky
  • Taro Wanted to be Water

*Exclusive to the Blu-ray disc

Watch the official trailer below!

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