Over Jump Rally
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Over Jump Rally pays tribute to Sega Rally Championship

The arcade driving genre is considered “almost dead” by many. However, this incredible genre has given us great titles like Sega Rally Championship. But out of nowhere comes a Sega Rally fanatic to prove otherwise!

Almost two years ago, an inexperienced developer started a project: Over Jump Rally. Yesterday, two years later, he shared a gameplay in 4K and it is certainly a strong blow to the nostalgia. A reminder that the genre can rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

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The essence of Sega Rally in every pixel of the game

If you’ve never played arcade games, or you’re too young for the ’90s titles, you probably don’t know Sega Rally. It was one of the most spectacular arcade games of the mid-90s. Sega’s driving game had great success, home system adaptations and sequels, but the series has long been shelved – partly due to licensing issues. One fan wants to recapture its spirit with Over Jump Rally.

Alessandro Schiassi, a developer with very little experience in video game development, took on a big challenge: to create a title in honor of the classic Sega Rally. A project that was 2 years in development and had complicated stages. Many of them due to the lack of knowledge of the developer. But the big problem behind it was the licenses of the game.

At the moment it is a fan-made game, but Schiassi has been clear with his intention: to demonstrate the interest in Over Jump Rally and convince Sega to turn it into an authentic Sega Rally, with official licenses of the vehicles. However, years ago Sega announced that it would no longer develop Sega Rally titles.

Still, for the quality of the project and the nostalgia it conveys, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to lend the licenses. But after watching the gameplay, there is no doubt that Over Jump Rally has the essence of Sega Rally in every pixel of the game!

Don’t miss the 4K gameplay trailer of Over Jump Rally!