Starfield space combat discussed in new Pete Hines interview

Starfield is almost here. Despite all the drama, leaks, and issues that have arisen in the days leading up to launch, everyone wants to play Starfield. However, there are key aspects of the gameplay that have yet to be fully explained – for instance, Starfield space combat.

Being a game based on life in the universe, it is inevitable to think about space combat. And thanks to an interview with a Spanish media, Pete Hines has explained a little more about what awaits us!

Space combat with the essence of The Elder Scrolls

Starfield is undoubtedly going to be this year’s GOTY (If everything goes as planned). It aims to be the definitive game about life in space. Therefore, all elements of the game must be attractive and offer depth to the player to catch their attention. Thanks to the different videos we have seen more about the exploration, the character evolution system, and the “freedom” we will have while playing.

However, we did not know in depth what to expect in terms of space combat. Finally, the Bethesda team has given us more details about this section. Through an interview for Vandal, Pete Hines shared several new details about Starfield. Among them the space combat.

“A lot of it has to do with whether or not you choose to focus on that aspect of the game. There are special abilities that you can choose and level up that have to do with how much of your ship you can modify, what parts of your ship you can modify, and how good you are at using them,” Pete Hines shared in the interview.

Thanks to what Hines shared, this game mode will have a much more notable RPG aspect than imagined. In fact, the Bethesda vice president shared that it will have a tone much more similar to other Bethesda titles.

“If you think about the RPGs we’ve done and their combat capabilities, you know what we mean, right? If it’s Elder Scrolls, you have different types of spells, different types of weapons, and different options. Our space combat is like that,” he added.

With Starfield just around the corner, even the smallest detail is getting everyone’s attention! Let’s hope that Bethesda delivers 100% on everything they’ve offered so far and that it doesn’t become another flop for the community like Redfall.