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PlayStation Now is dropping to $10 a month; God of War and GTA V added

Sony is dropping the price of a monthly PlayStation Now subscription to $10 a month from $20 a month. In addition, they are reducing the price of quarterly and annual subscriptions, as well as adding some big-name games.

A quarterly subscription is now going to cost $24.99 every three months, down from $44.99. Annual subscriptions are the best value, and will now come in at $59.99 instead of $99.99.

The price changes reflect a shift for the streaming service from catering to old PS3 games at ridiculous prices to a mix of PS3 and PS4 games for a more reasonable price. With Google Stadia on the horizon, the adjustment probably isn’t a bad idea.

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Sony is also adding some new AAA titles. Mind you, these aren’t newly-released games but new to the service. Still, God of War, Grand Theft Auto VInfamous: Second Son, and Uncharted 4 will make nice additions until they’re rotated out in January 2020.

The company released a new commercial to highlight the new games and price. Check it out below!