PlayStation Vita Launches in Japan

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The next-generation of handheld gaming has begun for Sony. The company released the PlayStation Vita today in Japan. Fans lined up early in Tokyo and other major cities in eager anticipation of the launch. It is not clear how much of an impact the system will have in the waning days of holiday shopping. Stiff competition from the less expensive Nintendo 3DS, as well as Apple’s iPad and Android devices, could dampen the launch.

PlayStation Vita is Sony’s follow-up to the PlayStation Portable, which launched in North America in 2005. While Japan is getting first dibs on the system, American and European gamers will not have to wait long. PlayStation Vita will launch on February 22 in both regions. The Wi-Fi only model will cost $250 in the U.S. while the 3G/Wi-Fi model will cost $300. Readers can pre-order the PlayStation Vita to guarantee that they will have a system at launch.

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