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Powerwash Simulator now available on Steam Early Access

Powerwash Simulator

Square Enix has announced that is publishing Powerwash Simulator. The game recently entered Steam Early Access.

The partnership with Square Enix Collective will provide boutique developer FuturLab the creative flexibility to continue developing the game during early access and beyond.

Players may wash away their problems with the soothing sounds of high-pressure water in Powerwash Simulator. Players may start their own power cleaning company and blast away every trace of filth they uncover. The game focuses on “player relaxation and escapism” with a fresh perspective on the simulation genre.

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What to expect in Early Access

In the Early Access version, players may start their power washing firm by doing a range of unclean chores in the dusty town of Muckingham. In career mode, there are seventeen occupations available. There’s also one special in which players can roam throughout Mars. You may get the Early Access version here.

About the developer

Maybe you don’t know FuturLab. They are an indie game studio based in Brighton, UK. FuturLab has developed and published games on PC and console since 2003. The game studio is best known for Velocity 2XTiny TraxMini-Mech Mayhem, and Peaky Blinders: Mastermind.

“Our original vision for Powerwash Simulator was to expand the game in ways that would appeal to a large audience, with the potential of licensed content. Square Enix Collective is the perfect publishing choice as we share a united vision regarding the future of the game,” said James Marsden, the Founder and Creative Director of Futurlab.

Watch the Powerwash Simulator trailer below!