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Rainbow Six Siege charity bundle supports Able Gamers

Rainbow Six Siege Sixth Guardian charity bundle Able Gamers

Ubisoft is launching a new charity bundle program in Rainbow Six Siege. The Sixth Guardian Program starts in Year 5, Season 4 with 100 percent of proceeds going to charity.

To kick things off, Ubisoft is partnering with The Able Gamers Charity, a nonprofit based in the United States. Able Gamers supports players with disabilities and promotes inclusion in the video game industry. The game will have new bundles in future seasons to support different non-profits.

Beginning at the launch of Year 5 Season 4, Rainbow Six Siege players can purchase the bundle with a uniform, weapon skin, charm, and headgear. All net proceeds are donated to Able Gamers. With this bundle, Rainbow Six Siege players can access unique in-game items while donating to a great cause.

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“We decided to launch the Sixth Guardian because we recognized an opportunity to mobilize the Rainbow Six Siege community around important issues,” said Karen Lee, Lead Community Developer for the game. “Our players are so passionate, and we wanted to give them an easy, effective way to support incredible organizations, like Able Gamers.”


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Edition Year 5 is on sale for $35.99. Save an additional $7.50 with Humble Choice.

“AbleGamers is honored to partner with Ubisoft to support players with disabilities with this amazing Sixth Guardian bundle,” said Steve Spohn of Able Gamers. “With more than 46 million players with disabilities in America alone and even more worldwide, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the ranks of the Rainbow Six community joining our quest to combat social isolation and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.”