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Rarest Guns in Video Games

These are the rarest guns in video games. These are real-world guns that truly deserve to be in more games as they appear very infrequently. Unfortunately, you will not find these in many games.

First-person shooters and third-person shooters feature many guns that are directly based on real-world counterparts. The most common ones we see are ones like the AK-47, M4, and M1911 pistol.

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All three of those examples truly deserve to be in games because of their popularity in real life. There are some other weapons that firearm enthusiasts desperately want to be in video games. In this article, we discuss such weapons.

Magnum Research BFR .45-70 Revolver

Rarest Guns in Games

This revolver could probably kill an elephant. It’s one of the most powerful – if not the most powerful handgun to ever exist. It fires the threatening .45-70 round that can demolish almost any infantry target with a single shot.

Fallout New Vegas included these revolvers as the Hunting Revolvers and the Ranger Sequoias, and they were such fine weapons in that game. In many FPS games and shooters in general, these titanic guns would feel right at home. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll see this beast included in more games.

Remington Model 11-87 Shotgun

Rarest Guns in Games

I first saw this gun in action in the masterpiece film No Country For Old Men by the Coen brothers. An assassin wields a suppressed version of this semi-automatic shotgun in that game to deadly effect.

Its iconic, quiet sound is rather beautiful to hear. I was quite surprised when I realized that it’s not been featured in many games.

A semi-auto shotgun with a rustic, old-school look like this would’ve been a wonderful addition to games like Grand Theft Auto or Far Cry. In fact, this gun is so rare, I cannot recall a single game that featured it.

Stechkin Automatic Pistol

Rarest Guns in Games

A beautiful automatic firearm from Russia, the Stechkin (also known widely as the APS) is a unique pistol. It features a removable stock that makes this gun so iconic. Because of its auto-fire capability, a stock was useful in controlling the recoil.

While it does fire 9mm rounds, it’s still quite a great gun that should be featured in many more games. So far, I’ve seen this gun in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise and Escape From Tarkov.

Pancor Jackhammer Automatic Shotgun

This futuristic shotgun is automatic and deadly. Its iconic and unique look makes it one of the best suitors for a video game gun, but it was only featured in a few games of the past.

It’s not only a rare gun in video games but also in real life, as only three working prototypes were built, according to Wikipedia. Despite it being rejected by many people in real life, its design and deadly performance as a fast-firing shotgun would make it feel right at home in video games.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1 Sniper Rifle

This great German sniper rifle was present in the early Metal Gear games and a few FPS games, including Call of Duty: Black Ops. But I think it’s a great and iconic firearm that should be featured in many more games.

With its small magazine and unique-looking grip, this rifle is one that stands out from the sniper class. It’s a semi-automatic rifle based on the G3 battle rifle’s mechanical system.

Personally, the Heckler & Koch PSG-1 is one of my favorite sniper rifles. It would be great to see it in future games.