Best Ashes of War for Strength Builds in Elden Ring

These are some of the best offensive Ashes of War for strength builds in Elden Ring. Many of these Ashes of War are best suited for builds that focus on melee armaments that heavily rely on the Strength stat.

I will also point you towards the directions in which these Ashes of War can be obtained, but in order to keep the article short, I will not include the steps and the exact pinpoint locations where they are located.

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Lion’s Claw

Best Ashes of War for Strength Builds in Elden Ring

One of my personal favorite offensive Ashes of War in the game, the Lion’s Claw is associated with General Radahn and his Redmane knights. It’s a fast and heavy spinning attack that deals significant physical damage and poise damage.

Because of its impressive speed, it can be used multiple times back to back. With a good weapon, this Ash of War can break enemies and overwhelm them. You can obtain this at the Gael Fort.

I suggest putting this skill on a greatsword or a great axe.

Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker

This skill shines brightest when used against multiple enemies. If you’re wearing heavy armor that gives you high poise, you should be able to use this skill without enemies interrupting you.

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Once activated, you will let out a mighty roar before slamming your hands into the ground, shaking it, and damaging everyone around. You can follow up with another slam, dealing a similar amount of damage to the enemy’s stance as well as their health.

While there are better Ashes of War for Strength builds in the game, this particular one is special because it’s associated with the Warrior Hoarah Loux himself. You must defeat Hoarah Loux and present his remembrance to Enia at the Roundtable Hold in order to obtain this.

Barbaric Roar

Barbaric Roar is another overwhelmingly powerful Ashes of War that turns your charged heavy attacks into fast combos that are able to break almost any enemy in no time. It’s even more effective when you use it with the Roar Medallion which will increase the power of the Roar and the attacks by about 15%.

I recommend experimenting with various heavy weapons to decide which vicious combo works best for you. Personally, I love putting this Ash of War on Greataxes and the Nightrider’s Glaive.

Braggart’s Roar

Best Ashes of War for Strength Builds in Elden Ring

This skill is my personal favorite Roar ability. It’s similar to the Barbaric Roar but its attack power is a little lower. I prefer this because it increases physical damage negation, stamina regeneration speed, and attack power.

You can use the Roar Medallion and the Axe Talisman to make this skill even more effective. It’s perfect for warriors that charge into battle looking to overwhelm their enemy quickly with little regard for their own safety.


Best Ashes of War for Strength Builds in Elden Ring

Another skill associated with General Radahn and his gravity magic, the user will slam his weapon down into the ground and attract rocks into it, fortifying the attack power.

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If you perform the Ash of War close to an enemy, it will deal some damage to them in the process of slamming the weapon and pulling it back up. The attacks become 15% more powerful while also increasing stance damage by 10%.