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Report: Nintendo Switch Pro reveal expected before E3

Nintendo Switch

The long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro is apparently going to get unveiled before E3 2021.

That’s according to a report from Bloomberg. The outlet also says that we can expect the Switch Pro in either September or October of this year. So if the report is correct, it’s not going to be a very long wait before consumers can get their hands on one.

The timing is perfect since E3 is historically an event where new hardware and games get revealed for the first time. The announcement will also allow third-party developers to showcase their Switch Pro games for a wide audience.

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My Take

To see a respectable outlet like Bloomberg report this gives it extra credibility. The Switch Pro is a long-running rumor, so it’s not a surprising development at all. The bigger question may be the price. Will it come in at $299 or something more expensive?

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